Tax notice compliance made simple with ANTS.

A comprehensive solution…
designed for tax professionals.

ANTS, the Agency Notice Tracking System, is not just an issue tracker or CRM. We’re revolutionizing tax notice compliance. All notices… from any tax jurisdiction (Federal, State, Local and or City) and for any type of tax or notice, including Payroll, Corporate, Sales and Use, Agency Compliance and ACA.  ANTS manages them all.

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A smooth, quick process for resolving tax notices every time.

Streamline Compliance

What is the cost of a single missed notice, penalty or interest payment? Resolve all tax notices accurately, so you can reduce or even remove all extra monies owed to the tax agency.


Remove the risk of costly errors that could result in thousands of dollars in P&I and damage to your reputation. Minimize penalties, interest and future liabilities while streamlining research, abatement requests, and other notice-related tasks.

Save time / Increase productivity

Remove the repetitive, time consuming tasks that suck up hours of your time every quarter. Benefit from a central repository to handle communications, resources, notices, documents, agency information, and much more.


A true agency notice compliance solution that was designed specifically for tax professionals. Track, report and find trends in the data, so you can streamline your processes further and save even more time!

Key Capabilities

We’re not just an issue tracker… or a replacement for Excel.

Tax Notice Management

Manage by priority, not chronologically.

Scan-to-Capture – OCR technology reads notices and automates data entry

Workflows - Notice entry workflow, Abatement request workflow, POA management workflow, and others

Notice Entry Options - Quick, Grid, Bulk, Distributed, Scan-to-Capture

Communication Templates - Save time with agency/client communication templates

Research - Easily research, record and report on the ``who,`` ``what`` and ``when``

Notes & Attachments – Store all types of supporting info and documents at the notice level

Actuals – Track, manage and report on assessed versus actual amounts paid

Compliance Reporting

Customizable Dashboards allow users to manage notices by priority, amounts, due dates and more. Graphs provide at-a-glance views of critical metrics while Management Reports allow users to dig deeper into the data.



Metrics & Data Visualization

Agency Knowledge Base

Worker smarter. Retain the knowledge.

When it comes to tax notice management, working smarter makes all the difference. ANTS comes loaded with Agency Addresses, Contact Info and Links to commonly used Agency Resources. Your staff can build on this foundation to create a shared knowledge base of Agency Info including detailed notes, favorite links, preferred contacts with ratings and mouse-over notes.

Agency addresses, contacts and notes

Links to agency resources

Preferred contacts and ratings

Agency Knowledge Base Benefits

Some additional ways ANTS makes
life easier for tax professionals…

Power of Attorney and tax document management

Mass communications

Amended return process workflow

Scan-to-capture (OCR) notice entry

Missing EIN tracking tool

Track and record calls to agencies

Import notice history

Import client data

Single Sign-on

Integrate with CRM and other third-party systems

Auto-notice assignment routing

Unlimited notice types

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