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ANTS Online pricing is based on a 12 month subscription. Pay a low  annual fee of $600.00 per user per year to get all of the benefits of ANTS Online. If you’re not sure, try it out for free for 45 days then make up your mind.


ANTS Online requires Microsoft Silverlight to run. If you do not already have it you will be asked to download and install Silverlight. This happens automatically once you click yes and takes less than 5 seconds to download and install. This is a free app that gets downloaded and installed from the Microsoft download manager.


Compatible Internet Browsers:Internet Explorer” or  Mozilla “Firefox” are the only two supported browsers at this time. Google “Chrome” has decided to no longer support the Silverlight plugin.


Step 1: Click on the Annual Billing Options above.

Step 2: Enter your Company Information.

Step 3: Enter the main Contact Information.

Step 4: Enter Your Credit Card INformation, Pick the # of Users, select a Payment Option (Annual/Free Trial), Agree to Terms of Use.


We will send you an email with the login and setup instructions. If signing up for multiple users you can log in and add the other users.


Training is available for all new clients (Free and Paid), On the Thank You page there is a link to schedule your company training.  We also send the link in the Welcome to ANTS Online e-mail that gets sent out.

45 day free trial is only for up to 3 users. To ask for more users during the free trial contact CLICK on the Free Trial Picture above to sign up for the free trial.


Schedule a LIVE Demo of ANTS Online 


To see the all of the feature ANTS Online has you need to schedule a demo with a live person. The Demo takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Click “Schedule a Live Demo” to schedule a day and time for a LIVE DEMO of ANTS Online.



ANTS Enterprise Pricing

$3,500.00 One time Install, Configuration and Training Fee.

Minimum 5 users. $600.00 Per User Per Year.  If notice volume is high or you want customization or want 100% control over security use this product. 


The setup for this product requires Network IT with Network Administrator rights. ANTS Enterprise requires Active Directory and SQL Security setup. SQL Server 2010 or higher (Enterprise of Free version), Crystal Reports runtime and .Net 4.5 or higher.


Use the Request Information or give us a call or e-mail us or schedule a day/time to meet to get more information about seeing all the benefits of ANTS Enterprise.


Schedule LIVE Demo of ANTS Enterprise 


To see the all of the feature ANTS Enterprise has you need to schedule a demo with a live person. The Demo takes about 35 to 45 minutes. Click “Schedule a Live Demo” to schedule a day and time for a LIVE DEMO of ANTS Enterprise.

Training is available for all new clients, contact support after signing up.

ants-bottom   With ANTS system features and options you will be able to better manage the agency notices that you receive no matter where they are from or what they are for. Give ANTS a try today and see why thousands use it daily.

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