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 ANTS Online  is our Hosted (Web Based) Tax Notice Management software that provides a solution for all of your tax notice administration needs. ANTS Online manages all Federal, State, Local and City tax notices.


ANTS Online comes with a set of work flows for Entering, Opening, Researching, Billing and Closing each tax notice. Each Work Flow comes with standard drop down options to ensure quick and accurate tax notice and research entry.The system comes with standard Client and Agency communication templates (response letters) that can be customized for each individual notice situation. At the system level you can customize all Dropdown Options, Notice Types, and Template Letters as needed. This ensures the system meets your individual notice resolution needs.


The Active Notice Listing screen  allows you to view all notices in a detail list, customize the column order and what data is displayed to meet your company’s individual needs. Comes with a Calendar and Task List view of all active tasks. No waiting for IT to add features when you can add them yourself as drop down options.


Ever get a notice you’re not sure where to start or what to do? the ANTS Online Guidance and Insight gives users information (background) about the notice type or notice form number used. It also gives you options to choose the correct cause and corrective action required based off the reason (situation) for getting the notice . Once selected the system display suggested letters, agency links to the tax authorities and other information associated to the individual notice type.  This helps new staff get up to speed quickly and includes custom notes  and the ability to create custom guidances and insights as needed.


ANTS Online has many features that help manage tax notices, check out our 5 minute demo that includes all notice features. ANTS ONLINE DEMO


ANTS Online allows you to import your notice history through the use of an excel file. This allows you to run reports based off the notice data that is imported.


Tax Notice Entry Options:


Quick Tax Notice Entry Work Flow ensures notices are entered efficiently and accurately every time. Effortlessly get new notices into the system and tracked as soon as they come in and categorizes them as either New, Duplicate and Sequential (Agency Correspondence) notices with completion workflows for each individual type.


Bulk Tax Notice Entry: Enter a single notice and attach multiple clients to the notice. Used for system level notices that affect multiple clients (Same Cause of Notice and Corrective Action used).


How else does ANTS Online help with Tax Notice Management?

Uses Unlimited Notice Types to ensure you can track
each and every notice type your organization receives.If it’s not there you can add it.  
Organizes your work - No more losing notices or other
notice related paperwork when you attach the actual notice and all research documents onto the individual notice. 
Closed Notice Work Flow ensures notices are closed for
good and includes follow up, avoidable actions and billing tracking.
Dashboard; Active Notice Listing allows users to open,
view and update notices in priority order. Filter the list to see Past Due, Due in the Current Week or for a given CSR, Group, Tax Rep, Agency or Notice Type (much more to choose from). Customize the list and Export the list as needed.
Work Flows for entering, researching, creating letters
and documenting all individual notice activity.
Agency Screens standardize all Agencies departments,
addresses, contacts, websites, e-services utilities with notes on when to use them and how. Ability to add new agencies as needed.
Built in Agency and Client communication Template Letters
based off of notice types, lots to choose from, you can edit them and create custom ones as needed. When opened on a notice you can make changes and insert database fields with values, any changes are saved on the individual notice. 
User defined time lines for; notice due date, agency due date
, follow up, completion and resolution dates helps users track of all of the important dates and gives guidelines on when to expect notices to be followed up on and resolved by.
Reporting at the Client, Notice and the System levels
ensures robust reporting throughout the application. Built in management reports to show you what you need to know when you need to know it. No more long hours putting the reports together for management. Notice completion notes and history shows what was done on each notice in chronological order to see the string of events.


ANTS Online comes with Help Screens and Video tutorials on all screens and features to ensure getting setup and using the system is quick and simple. The only thing needed to start using ANTS Online is to enter your clients/EIN’s. We have work flows that make adding clients simple and for 3rd party service providers we have files that are used to import and update clients. Compatible Internet Browsers: Windows Internet Explorer (“IE”) or Mozilla “Firefox”.


Schedule a LIVE Demo of ANTS Online 


To see the all of the feature ANTS Online has you need to schedule a demo with a live person. The Demo takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Click “Schedule a Live Demo” to schedule a day and time for a LIVE DEMO of ANTS Online.


Technologies Used: ANTS Online is a Windows Silverlight based application. Software Required: Windows Silverlight, Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or higher or Mozilla “Firefox“. Google “Chrome” is no longer supporting the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  All software needed to run ANTS Online is free to download.


ants-bottom   With ANTS system features and options you will be able to better manage the agency notices that you receive no matter where they are from or what they are for. Give ANTS a try today and see why thousands use it daily.

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