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 ANTS is a scalable Agency Notice Compliance platform that provides an integrated solution for all of your agency notice administration needs. ANTS is installed on your network or PC and uses ClickOnce technology so that updates are done automatically with no IT help required.  ANTS is easy to learn and extremely flexible, allowing you customize the system to meet all your compliance needs.  ANTS integrates with MS Word and Outlook for client communications and can be integrated with many other applications (CRMs, payroll software, etc.) using our imports and APIs.


With ANTS , you’ll have the ability to streamline, standardize, and automate all aspects of your agency compliance administration.   The software was designed specifically for tax professionals that need to manage all aspects of their Federal and State letters or notices in a centralized application.   How is ANTS changing the way companies manage their tax notices? With ANTS multi user setup and configuration, you control the rights of users within your organization. Pre-formatted drop down menus and user-defined categories allow for quick and accurate data entry. The list management screens (Dashboards) allow you to customize the drop down menus for your company’s individual needs. No need to wait for IT to add features when you can add them yourself.


Tax Notice Entry Options:


Quick Tax Notice Entry:  This workflow ensures your notices can be entered effortlessly, to get new notices into the system and tracked as soon as they come in.  ANTS tracks duplicate and sequential notices with completion workflows for each.
Distributed Tax Notice Entry: Let multiple users enter notices that go into a Pre-Notice Entry screen to be reviewed and either (Approved or Rejected).
Grid Tax Notice Entry: Enter multiple notices at once with the ability to add notes and attachments on each line.
Import Tax Notices: Use an excel file to import your notices from a source file.
IRS Electronic Tax Notice Entry: (IRS AFP file imports) Use the file you get from the IRS to import all of the notices into ANTS for you.
Bulk Tax Notice Entry:  Enter a single notice and attach multiple clients to the notice (typically for system level notices that affect multiple clients).
Refund Entry: If you get a lot of refunds, this module will help you better manage them all.
Scan-to-Capture Notice Entry: If you want to do away with the manual notice entry now you can. With ANTS Scan-to-Capture capability all notices can be scanned into the system automatically. Users will log in and see their notices (automatically assigned) and waiting in their queue.


Notice Management Options:


Dashboards: Company and User level dashboards are used to manage the workload in priority order. Users can customize what columns are displayed and in what order they are sorted.  Data can be exported to Excel with the click of a button.
Workflows:  ANTS provides workflows for Tax Notice entry and resolution to ensure that users are consistently following the correct processes and procedures.  ANTS also includes workflows for Amended Return processing and other tax related processes.
Reporting:  ANTS provides on-the-fly visibility into your tax notice management with charts and dashboards which are prominently displayed in the system.  In addition, ANTS comes with over 60 management reports which allow you to view detailed data at the System, Notice, Agency and Client levels.
Communication Templates:  ANTS integrates with MS Word to produce more than 130 template letters that are already created for you and available in the system.  These template letters allow users to consistently communicate with clients and agencies with correct and relevant information.  You can modify our template letters to suit your business needs and you can easily add your own.
POA Management: Ability to store and manage your signed POA’s by client or account.  Request new signed POA’s from Clients when needed and provide to the individual agencies if requested.
Auto Notice Assignment: Create rules to automatically assign tax notices to an individual or team.  If assigning notices to a team, the system can load balance to ensure that one user does not get assigned more notices than other team members.


System Options:


Compliance Reporting:  ANTS provides users with real-time compliance reporting including; Notice Liability, Notice Recap, Notice Audit, Notice Refunds, and ANTS User reports.  Generate detailed compliance reports in seconds, or provide ‘report-only’ access to users who need access to this information.
Users and Roles:  Individual access to the system is controlled through ANTS Roles at the system level.  You can choose to use our pre-created ANTS roles, modify them, or create your own.
Maximum Flexibility:  ANTS allows you to add or modify; Template Letters, Dropdown Lists, Notice Types, Notice Assignment, ANTS Roles, and much more.  The system is built for maximum flexibility to suit your unique business needs.
Custom Programming:  If you are looking for additional customization we can handle that too.  Our APIs allow us to easily integrate with CRM systems or other applications. We can also build custom workflows to suit your individual business requirements.


Amended Return Workflows:With ANTS you can now take full control of all the Amended Returns you process regardless if it’s for yourself or a client. This feature creates a set of tasks (based on the AR Type (W2c, 1095C, 1094C, Amendment Only,W2C/1095C Combined, etc.) that must be completed in order to accurately process an amended return. You can assign the different tasks to individuals or multiple staff members. The AR feature comes with a set of reports that allows you analyze all of the AR’s that you run, how long it takes, where they are from, and how much you billed.   By using ANTS  you will be able to better manage your tax department’s resources by allowing the tax notice resolution staff to focus on resolving notices and not managing the time consuming administrative tasks. ANTS revolutionizes your processes, manages your work flows and provides you with the insight you need to improve all aspects of your tax notice administration. ANTS is designed for organizations that required an installed product, have high notice volume, need all of the advanced features or need 10+ users.
Technologies Used: ANTS is 100% Windows based application. All software needed to run ANTS is free to download. (.Net 4.0, MSOffice Com, SQL 2010, Active Directory for Security, Microsoft Office 2003 or higher).


Schedule LIVE Demo of ANTS 

To see the all of the feature ANTS has you need to schedule a demo with a live person. The Demo takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Click “Schedule a Live Demo” to schedule a day and time for a LIVE DEMO of ANTS .

ants-bottom  With ANTS system features and options you will be able to better manage the agency notices that you receive no matter where they are from or what they are for. Give ANTS a try today and see why thousands use it daily.

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