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ANTS was founded in 2008 by Rick Pinkerman. Rick was practically raised in the payroll industry and worked in his family’s payroll business, Computer Payroll Company (CPC), before going off to college. After college, Rick worked for Paychex in their major markets division before going back to work at CPC and then eventually for a national public accounting firm.

It was at CPC that Rick first developed his original tax notice tracking system.  In the early 2000s, CPC was growing fast, adding more complex clients, and processing payroll and taxes in all 50 states.  On top of this, they were converting to a new payroll platform.  A high volume of tax notices was a natural by-product of their growth and the tax notice tracking system that Rick built helped to address this challenge.  That system tracked the basic information on each tax notice and ensured that the company did not misplace any of the sensitive information or miss any important due dates or client follow-up dates.

Fast forward to 2007 and the management of CPC decided to sell their business to a large public accounting firm.  Rick joined the new company but eventually realized that he needed to seek a new challenge.   He knew there was a need for an advanced tax notice compliance system for Payroll Companies and Large Employers to track, manage and resolve tax notices, and he saw that there was nothing like that available in the marketplace.  Rick resigned from the firm and started ANTS in April 2008 to pursue this opportunity.  The name ANTS (Agency Notice Tracking System) reflects the role the system plays for tax professionals – managing all notices from any tax jurisdiction (Federal, State, Local and or City) and for any type of tax for any type of notice.  From Payroll, Corporate, or Individual tax notices to Sales and Use, Agency Compliance and ACA notice types, ANTS manages them all. 

Today, we have over 3,000 individual users who rely on the ANTS system to manage Tax Notices, Amended Returns and other tax related tasks. We are proud to say that our clients represent a range of companies from the largest to the smallest payroll service providers, large Fortune 100 employers, and CPA firms.  Since the very beginning, we have used our client’s input along with that of our tax experts and design team, to continuously improve and expand the system to make ANTS what it is today.  If you receive more than just a few tax notices each month, then you should be using ANTS .

We are dedicated to creating a better system based on the input we receive from our clients and the insight we offer. We sincerely hope you will give ANTS a try and become another one of our many happy clients.


ants-bottom   With ANTS system features and options you will be able to better manage the agency notices that you receive no matter where they are from or what they are for. Give ANTS a try today and see why thousands use it daily.

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